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The Falcon is the Holden Commodore’s main competition in Australia.
The one that is sold here as the Pontiac G8.

All I am saying is it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for Ford to import this over here as well. To compete with the G8 and the 300.
And really, another car Mercury could use. But that’s just a crazy dream… Like having Mercury sell the Mondeo in the US…

I say: slap a 3 bar grille on it, call it a Taurus, and bring it over here!

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  1. There is no way this car is coming to the USA. With the new cafe standards and Ford’s new no V8 philosophy(with cars), I personally can’t see Ford spending money it does’nt have on research, development, crash testing, shipping , building and whatever other costs I forgot to mention, on a car that will only exist in the US until the new cafe limits start. I would like to see it come here but I don’t see it happening myself. Maybe if they could lighten it up a little and put in one of those new twin force engines…that might work. I’ll take mine without the 3 bar grill though. Sorry Vince.

  2. The new CAFE regs don’t kick in until 2020. That’s 12 years and probably 2 model cycles away. Why can’t Ford bring this over now?

  3. sorry to shatter the dreams BUT….

    this platform is RHD only. The new ford falcon is still based on the 1998 RHD only AU platform.

  4. ford played it too safe with the new falcon. looks too much like the old one… and and more importantly, not as good as the commodore.

  5. jeez some of you lie through your teeth!!

    This new falcon is LHD safe, ok?
    And i would suspect this will beat the VE commodore, the 6cyl models will easily…wait and see.

  6. This market is falling away here in Australia. SUV’s came and largely went, and now the small stuff dominates. Mitsubishi have just called it a day and dumped their Australian made large car (the 380, a variant on the Galant).

  7. I say: DON’T slap a 3-bar grille on it, call it a Falcon/Interceptor, and bring it over here in place of the Crown Vic! That upper/lower grille is the future of Ford sedans worldwide, expect the facelifted Fusion to be the last of the 3-bar models.

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