All new Ford Fiesta

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the old Fiesta name lives on. No Verve.

And what a great looking small car. Inside and out.

On sale in Europe later this year. And this one will make it into the US. I would guess by the end of 2008.
But so far, we are just schedule to get the, yet to be introduced, sedan version.

Let’s hope the Ford people find it in their hearts to bring us the hatch too…

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  1. Looks fantastic! An amazingly attractive interior and exterior for this price range.

    Is there a Ford in your future? Maybe.

  2. This is gonna sell like crazy. Of course the Fiesta has always been a popular car, but in all its incarnations it has always been a rather conservatively styled car; this is the first time that a Fiesta looks this good.

  3. very nice, hatches are hot, I hope it comes, put a nice size engine in it as well, it would sell tons

  4. For the last several years I have predicted failure for many Ford products.

    This one will not fail. I predict Ford won’t be able to keep them in stock. Not only will the hatch be a huge hit in Europe but the Sedan will kick Civic ass in the US.

  5. doesn’t look as good as mazda2. centre console’s shape bares some resemblance to mercedes s-class.

  6. looks fantastic! please ford, bring it here. we lost the focus hatch already 🙁

    what i don’t understand is why a ‘home’ manufacturer does not have cool cars for its home market.

  7. The Verve name may live on as the more upscale 4-door variant, which means the hatch may be sold in the US under the same name. I still think Fiesta is the better name.

  8. Yay, Ford will give North Americans another sedan, just what we need….(yawn). Thanks Ford for giving me another reason not to buy American garbage.

  9. I read this thing will be (sedan, too?) arond 145-146 inches in total length. That’s too short for my tastes.
    Toooooo many road ragers in 3-5 year old 8 ton vehicles, still.

    Make this thing, oh, around say like the Accent 3 door in size( about 159-162 inches long.. around there), at least, and a 3 door.. I’ll look.

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