Already more Traverse pictures. (LTZ)

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Including the interior.

At least from these pictures, I like the Malibu interior better.
Maybe it’s just the color…

We’ll see.

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  1. what is gm doing that you haven’t already seen ? , i cannot believe that there are educated people out there that would still buy a gM.

  2. Note to Honda: THIS is how you design a crossover. The Traverse looks like another winning entry from GM. While I’m not crazy about the color scheme of the interior (looks pretty lifeless), I like how the Traverse mimics the Malibu’s interior. Very very nice, inside and out.

  3. This IMHO is much better looking than anything Honda has put out and I must say that I am a Honda owner and fan but the junk they have been putting out lately just don’t cut it. Check out more picks at Car Connection. Nice design.

  4. hmm there are so many clones of this car, its like the days of the chevy trailblazer except this time it’s bigger. anyway, the front end looks kind of cool and reminds me of that hydrogen concept gm churned out a few months ago (cant remember the name). but from the c-pillar back, it looks chinese

    but still. the concept of a vehicle like this is rediculous. if you need to carry 7+ people and some of their junk, why not just buy a minivan and save some gas?

  5. But honestly, do we really need the same basic vehicle, what, 4 times? I understand the marketing variances between say, Buick and Saturn, but churning out yet another copy isn’t inspiring to me. Besides, I think the Acadia and Outlook look WAY better than this bloated design.

  6. The Pilot is a Crossover, so is the CR-V, what are you stupid simon?

    And to the first poster,. I can’t believe there are any educated people who would buy a Toyota, what with all the recalls, engines blowing up, tailgates failing, sludging, transmissions not shifting and so on…

    Traverse looks great, except the rear end would begs for better tail lights. Interior looks very nice too, there’s a nicer color scheme on the Chevy website.

  7. Note to Simon: Honda does have “crossovers” on the USDM market — the CR-V, Element and Pilot… so you shuttup!!!

    Unless you want to try stuffing your other foot in your mouth.

  8. This Lambda platform is an example of badge-engineering done right. A Cadillac version more luxurious than the Enclave and a Pontiac version to rival Porsche Cayenne at half the price.

  9. I’m not a fan of gray interiors, so I don’t think this looks very warm or luxurious. But the design is good and the materials appear to be in-line with GMs class leading interiors of late. Wow, I never thought I’d say that.

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