And now, the wagon

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The one we won’t get.

I still think this would fit nicely in the US Acura range.
It would also give them something Infiniti or Lexus don’t have.
It’s already being made, so they don’t have to sell millions over here to make some money….

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  1. OMG put the old mazda 6 wagon next to this, oh, sorry put the honda wagon next to this mazda 6. Can you say chinese designers!

  2. i am with you Vince but what the hell do we know… oh, unless acura jacked it up a few inches and put on four fatter tires and marketed as an SUV, now we’re talking …

    Americans are stupid stupid fool. Wagons are more fun to drive than any CUV or SUV and have same or even more space.

    Mercedes and BMW are the only two manufacturers doing well with their wagons here. Acura can’t compete. It is not thought of as a luxury marque. Now if Lexus decided to do one, it will sell thousands.

  3. I am a music expert that is very particular, nay anal about good sax. Also, the same for cars. The last nice looking Honda was the original ( Pop up headlight ) Prelude. Honda has it all Ass Backwards.

  4. I don’t understand why Honda thinks it’s a good idea to incorporate the trunk lid into the bumpers of so many of their cars. Any minor fender bender will be thousands in repair costs. You’d have to replace the entire hatch. And it doesn’t even look all that good. Just put a real bumper on!

  5. Jones, we all know that you misspell just for fun.
    And that your just want to tick people off for trying to be contrary.

  6. Thank god we won’t get this. This is one of the UGLIEST wagons I’ve ever seen. I hope it fails miserably just to give a reality check to Honda.

    WTF were they thinking with this design? A 1995 Camry wagon looks more stylish than this thing.

    Check out the huge front overhangs, circa 1989.

  7. Way too much front overhang -just like the American Accord- results in an uninteresting, old look, even before it’s introduced to the public!

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