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Just like the Q7 looks like a bloated A6 wagon. This turns out to be looking like a bloated A3 wagon.
No surprises here.

But that’s always the story with Audi: no surprises.
I guess they have enough of a following around the world. So they don’t really need more than one design for their entire line up.

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  1. Just another crossover/SUV/wagon thing. Jesus H. Christ, how many of these ridiculous beasts does the world need?

  2. the red sign in the middle photo reads: dear guest, this SUV is a little linger than the competition, approx. 4.75m….

    was this a target group presantation???

  3. “Jesus H. Christ, how many of these ridiculous beasts does the world need?”

    Evidently one more. As far as Audi’s unsurprising design for the A5, give Audi credit for not only having a common design theme for their entire line, but also not trying to over-invent their look with every new model. Given the pathetic styling gaffes we’ve seen from the likes of Honda and Acura (among others), Audi’s simple yet elegant look is a breath of fresh air.

  4. As boring as the A5 is, I have to agree with 10:16AM…at least Audi is copying itself instead of others…

  5. I’ve owned two Audi’s and currently drive a BMW and wish I didn’t. I think Audi makes some of the most beautiful cars on the road. Timeless, elegant pieces of automotive artwork with the best interiors in the business. The Q7 was out of my budget and gets awful gas mileage on premium fuel, but if this Q5 is more reasonalbe on both fronts, sign me up!

  6. and vince it doesnt look like a bloated anything u just have a bad imagination man ur one of those fellows that thinks this car looks like that car…ohhhh they copied geez man thats their DESIGN LANGUAGE so thats like saying that the s class is a bloated c class….

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