Challenger SRT8

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This time it’s official.

I still think the interior is not worthy of a $40 000 car. But the base V6 versions coming out next year will be much cheaper.
So I guess it’ll be OK in a sub $30 000 car.
But by that time, the Mustang will have an all new and much improved interior too. And it’ll still be much cheaper.

Plus, that Camaro….

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  1. I own a 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8. And I have to say – it truly is a wonderful car to drive. And I’m sure the Challenger will be just as wonderful. [If not even more so – handling wise] But the Challenger’s interior [Just as it is with my 300C SRT8] is not – as you said Vince – worthy of a $40,000 car. In fact – it’s not worthy of a $20,000 car. Which is too bad. Oh sure – it’s put together nicely – but the materials are ‘low-brow’. Not only do they LOOK cheap – but they FEEL cheap. You are surrounded by surfaces that are either hard or rubbery. Even the leather feels like plastic. Chrysler has promised that in the not too distant future – their vehicles will have the ‘best interiors in the business’. A few months ago – I was feeling hopeful. But both the new Challenger [As you can see] and the 2009 Dodge Ram [So I’ve read] are STILL put to shame by a basic Chevy Malibu. I wonder. Should I keep holding my breath?
    Craig!! :o)

  2. I think the Challengers interior looks fine. Not everyone wants to sit in what looks like an arcade. Everything’s well laid out and straight forward. Hopefully the materials are better than what Chryslers offered recently, but having sat in the impressive new Dodge Ram in Detroit, they’re getting much better. Let’s leave the gee-whiz, Tokyo-at-night, overly buttoned light show interiors to the ricer boys.

  3. This, and the Camaro too, are killer looking cars. This interior could use some aluminum looking trim pieces on the door panels and dash. It’s way too plain and dark looking. I think the Mustang’s interior looks way better.

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