Chevrolet Traverse (again)

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I think all Chevrolets should have the round tail lights. But that’s just me.

Still a nice looking wagon/SUV/crossover thing…

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  1. Umm.. shouldn’t car companies stop making gas pigs this day and age? The object is to use less fuel and pollute less, not rename the SUV class to Crossover and keep on churning them out… Seriously, something along the lines of a 4cyl Vibe/Matrix is the smarter choice to one of these.

  2. This IMHO is much better looking than anything Honda has put out and I must say that I am a HOnda owner and fan but the junk they have been putting out lately just don’t cut it. Check out more picks at Car Connection. Nice design.

  3. Do we really need ANOTHER version of the GMC Arcadia, Saturn Outlook, and Buick Enclave? Ugh. Wake up, American manufactures, and work on real engineering…not bardge engineering.

  4. easily the worst of teh lambda’s. The back is hideous!!!! It a shame because the others are very nice. I will however, congradulate Chevy for not just rebadging the OUtlook.

  5. The overall design is decent. It’s “in” with the current chevy look. But the vehicle itself is not needed. Other than cosmetics, what’s the purpose of another one of these? Do we Really need 4? I think the only TWO we should have are the GMC and Buick. The Chevy and Saturn Versions are more redundant than the Plymouth Breeze/Dodge Stratus/Chrysler Cirrus. And the only real crime with those are the base model overlap between the Breeze and Stratus….and you see how THAT ended up. All we need is a Cadillac Version and the puzzle is complete, but they know never to pull another Cimeron.

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