Chubby nerd presents the Hummer HT3 !

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I am speechless….. Really….

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  1. 1) I hate his finger gestures. They look like he is trying to cut paper with his two fingers but misses.

    2) His hair cut makes his face look pudgy pig.

    3) A big critic of style, but look at his shirt and glasses…

    Somebody else think of 7 other things that annoy you about the “Chubby Nerd” and we can submit this to Letterman’s top 10 list.

  2. Vince:
    When you keep referring to Kelsey Mays as “chubby nerd”, I think that it’s because you’re jealous because you believe that he has a much bigger sausage than you do. Am I correct?

  3. He should do radio. I feel the same way about Motorweek. It’s inexcusable how amateur that show still is after 25 years. There are millions and millions of guys that want this job. There must be at least one car guy that is somewhat cool or well spoken. Look at Jeremy Clarkson… he isn’t an attractive guy at all, but he has a sharp wit and his comments are insightful. It’s because of him that Top Gear is my favorite show. Cars are interesting and so are the people who appreciate them. Why are car shows and the guys who review cars often so goofy?

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