Citroen C5. What could have been

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the top picture is the production model.
A very nice looking car.
But these other pictures show us what could have been.
And it does make the production model very conservative looking, doesn’t it?

Same old story, no matter what. No matter where…

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  1. I’m actually quite satisfied with what they chose to stick with. The second one is ugly beyond belief, and the third one seems like a clay model if just a bit different from the production model. If that production model made it to the United States, I’d consider the best looking sedan we have.

  2. The second one looks like a stretched C4, which I don’t think would have been a good idea. The headlights remind me of the first sketches that were shown of the Australian Ford Falcon, and later scrapped. The bottom one looks simply like an initial, more radical version of the final car, which had to be tamed down for production. Those big wheels, for example, look great but were probably impractical. A bit like the Iosis/Mondeo relationship, although the Mondeo is (sadly) a lot more different from the concept car that inspired it.

  3. Yeh the overhang is really huge, what is up with that? Peds won’t be injured if this car happens to hit them, they will be safe and sound under the overhang instead of under the tires?

  4. the second one would be a disaster for sales and it looks like a Mitsubishi concept, the last one is not that different from what we end up getting its just looking weird. i am happy with what they chose to release. Get used to the large overhangs on large FWD cars

  5. Just in response to el_monty’s comment that “The headlights remind me of the first sketches that were shown of the Australian Ford Falcon, and later scrapped.” –

    The surrounding treatment is very similar to the ‘raccoon’ look of the new FPV Falcons (which hasn’t been scrapped).


  6. Thanks for your clarification, gromit, my mistake. I saw pictures on the net of the new (regular) Falcon and since they didn’t have the raccoon headlights I had seen on the sketches some months ago, I assumed they had been considered too risky and eliminated; I didn’t know they were only meant for this FPV version. Australia is a bit far from where I live (Barcelona), so my knowledge of aussie cars is a bit patchy!

  7. el_monty the “racoon” inserts DID make it on the production FPV’s, you probably just saw pics of the XR-8’s

  8. It’s virtually the same as the second concept all the lines and shapes are there…it’s just that the concept is not really in proportion. I’d say it’s one of the best concept-to-production transitions I’ve seen as it’s pretty much all there. And you can get the new C5 with bigger, better looking alloys than the ones in that pic…

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