Euro Accord wagon

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With the Euro grille. Not the belt buckle we’re getting on our Acura TSX.
And, again, we won’t see the wagon. But there is a good chance we might get to see the new diesel.

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  1. Yet again the wagon nor the diesel will make it to North America. So what? We are stuck with these hogs like the Chevy Traverse or the Tahoe Hybrid? WHO CARES!!! There are still people out there what want decent fuel economy at a reasonable price in a vehicle that you can park at the grocery store without needing a can opener to get out!

  2. I like what I see so far, I have always liked the look of the TSX and TL. I just think where the headlights meet the grille looks “interesting” the headlights meeting the grille isn’t flush.

  3. It still has some camouflage so you can’t tell exactly what the lines are, but it looks really nice. I like the bumper slope and the light angles. The “belt buckle” will easily be remedied with an aftermarket grill (or the Euro/JDM grill, even with the H on it).

    BTW, while we won’t get the wagon, Honda has already committed the diesel for the US Market. It will come at the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009.

  4. I am not trying to defend Acura, but who expects an exciting wagon? Really, those saying that it is boring, are you expecting it to be mid-engined, have a lift kit, or a four foot wide wing on the back? It is a people mover. In European fashion that means a wagon for most folks. Here in the U.S. it would mean you are buying a SUV or a cross-over… oh I see; those are all much more exciting vehicles. The only exciting wagons include AMG or RS6 somewhere in thier names.

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