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Put larger wheels and the new Acura grille and what you have here is our new TSX.
A nice update of an already really good car.
I think this will be another hit in the sub- $30 000 luxury car market.
It might even attract some people who are looking at a IS 250 but don’t can’t see themselves spending over $38 000 for a loaded one.

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  1. I guess our version will have AWD, right?
    I think Nissan should bring over a sub G35 model
    to fight with the TSX and IS 250

  2. Take one current Euro-Accord, add some over-sized fender flares, a big honkin’ shnoz and interior with a button-infested IP and call it the all-new Honda Accord. Than add a grill that can double as a big cheese slicer, jack up the price and sell it in the States as the new Acura TSX. Hell of a marketing plan Honda has.

  3. Wow what a difference! Our US Accord is a monstrosity…the coupe is nice the sedan the Amercan Honda designers were high when they designed it. Like other companies Honda should save on cost and import the Euro Accord as the America Accord so what it downsizes a tad on interior space. It would still be a high volume seller. Acura really doesn’t need a glorified version of this car as a TSX. I think Honda as well as Ford could learn from importing the European variants. Look how well Saturn is doing with Opel products.

  4. umm, what is it I am supposed to like about this car? The Maxima fender flares? The ultra-generic grill? The clich√© side swoop? The massive front overhang? Or the … wait, that’s all this car has. Oh yeah, buttons. Geesh. Not Impressed.

  5. C’mon Honda lovers, where’s your response to this mess, come on out and stand for your weak brand!

  6. Well as a current Prelude owner and former 98 Civic owner, after really looking at these pics they interior is awesome, but the exterior screams 08 Camry.

    For Acura to move this car, it had better be running the 2.3 turbo from the RDX and xenons, below the magic 30k price point where the current car is. The current car is actually very good looking, especially in the back, but I can’t justify its low hp/$ ratio for that price.

  7. that GIGANTIC front overhang almost makes it looks like that honda is INTENTIONALLY trying to make the already bad F/R weight ratio worse.

  8. With a fully loaded IS250 you will be getting a WHOLE lot more car than a base 2009 TSX, I can guarantee you that. Also let’s compare apples to apples here Vince. Base IS250 is not that much more than a TSX and the IS250 is a real RWD machine available with a sport package and a 6 speed manual. The interior looks good … for a Honda. Sitting in the interior you will be constantly reminded that this is a Honda, not a real luxury car.

    The IS250 interior does not resemble any Toyota interior out there.

    Why would people choose this over an IS250? Because of those tacky wheel-arches? Because of the FWD I4 layout? Because of the fact that this car gets the same fuel economy as an IS250 but is not as fun to drive? Or maybe people will buy this because of that massive front overhang?

  9. Japan and Europe = Euro AccordWhich is our Acura TSXUS Accord is called the Inspire in Japan.There version is 96.% the same as oursexcept for some interior upgrades, wider tail lightsand assembled in Japan, whereas our is made in Ohio.

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