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the all new Flex will start at $29 000.
That’s a bit more than the overpriced Taurus X.
I don’t mean the base price is too much.
But a Taurus X can reach about $40 000. which I think is way too much for a Ford.
Sure the X has more room, but these are Lexus prices without Lexus quality, resale or service.

At least the Flex is really different looking. An original in a sea of SUV wanna be crossovers.
They also announced the Limited AWD version will start at over $37 000. You know this will be over $40 000 with a few options.

A $40 000 Ford is also another sure way to kill Mercury….

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  1. I’m pretty sure people have been paying $40k for Expeditions and tarted-up F-150s for a long time now.

    Priced the compact CUVs from Toyota, Acura, or BMW lately? $30k seems like the price of entry (for the Rav4), $40k for the others – and the Flex is a bus next to those dinky rides.

    Yeah, it is still a Ford. But in today’s world, it isn’t quite crazy.

  2. This perhaps another example of how far this company has lost its’ way…the marketing of this product raises serious questions as to whether Ford can compete in North America. With gas going to possibly $4.00 a gallon by summer the Flex just doesn’t make sense.

  3. That is way, way too much for a starting price. I like the car and all, but all it is, is a modern station wagon, It should start aroun $21,000, especially if it is their minivan replacement.

  4. I is a little watered down from the concept but still good looking and different. It may make up for not having a minivan.

  5. Ford just doesnt get it.

    Instead of being competitive, they just squeeze that rock for more and more, but it’s running dry.

    At these prices, even a stripped down Murano looks like a bargain, and 5 star crash results.

  6. another “big” nail in ford’s coffin. this is 100% proof that they are grabbing at straws over at ford, they are pretty much done……it’s over!

  7. Too expensive. $29.000 would make sense for a fully loaded model. I sat in the Mini Clubman today which most likely this car’s best competitor and that was over priced too but better made.

  8. The starting price should be $23-25K….29 is outraguous, but this will create killer deals for the ’09 Taurus X since they are replacing it with this…

  9. Don’t worry there kiddies. When they are all sitting on the lot because they are’nt selling, Ford will put huge discounts on them to get rid of them. This vehicle is way overpriced and I’ll bet it’s gas mileage won’t be that great either. Ford continues to insist on making suv’s and crossovers in a market with very high fuel prices. Sure at one time it was possible for the fuel prices to come back down, but I’m willing to bet it won’t happen. Instead of hybrid or e85 vehicles, I was thinking that it would be beneficial for Ford to be the first domestic automaker to come out with clean turbodiesels for their cars and smaller suv’s in the USA. I heard Subarus 2.0l turbo diesel was getting close to 60 mpg. With all of Fords knowledge with turbodiesels, I’ll bet they can do at least as well. Hey…who wants to bet that this thing will weigh at least 4200 pounds?

  10. So basucally what you are saying Vince is that Ford fu*ked themselves once again, cant wait to see the rebates on this within 6 months of it’s debut date, way to go job 1 . If they overprice the verve-fiesta im gonna give up on ford forever, this comming from a 9 ford family !!

  11. Isn’t Mercury that guy with the funny hat?
    Guess Ford id a dollar and day late with what folks like today.
    Think thiers will be better than an Acura at similar price?

  12. It’s so long! Must be a chore to park but great for the passengers and cargo.

    What’s funny about this thing is that Ford chose to create a quirky vehicle with some Mini styling cues, but does it on a gas-hog scale.

    Gas is $3.12.9/gallon here. HELL-O!

  13. After reading these post one thing is clear, thank heavens this group isn’t ford target audience. People who don’t like minivans in suburbia is their target market. Having said that, John m’s point about mpg is very true, it is changing people buying and driving habits. Ford has to start putting more efficient engines in their vehicles, and fast.

  14. So, Ford says we can’t get the new euro Focus, for which all of the design/engineering was already done, but they do have the money to spend designing/engineering/tooling this ugly beast. What fumes have eaten their brains? How hot a seller would the new focus diesel be?

    Also, am I the only onewho thinks this is an ugly beast? I liked the concept they showed years ago, then they beat it with the ugly stick. Why can ford make good looking cars for the US?

  15. Ford will have a hard time selling this, um, bus…Even if they stick a half-naked Jill Wagner next to it.

    I can get a 1 year old Expy for $25K and have more than $10K left over for gas.

  16. 29k? hahahahhhahahahah ahhahahahahhahahahahahahah ahahhahahahahahahahahhaa hahahhahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahhahahahaha. Only a nutball would pay that much.

  17. “Who can’t afford $4.00 gas? You lazy little people will just have to walk.”

    So you think our only choices should be buy this or walk? Are you kidding? It’s this mentality which has the current US auto industry in the state it’s currently in. Incase you have’nt figured it out, the state of the US auto industry is in very bad shape and is trying to play catch up. 5 to 10 years ago this design may have been a winner but with the way the auto industry is changing along with fuel prices and the economy in general is changing, this vehicle is’nt going to cut it. This vehicle is too boxy looking and is going to be way overweight, so it’ll use a lot of gas. Where is the logic in purchasing a huge vehicle, this or otherwise, with gas and oil prices hitting historically high prices? Oh and by the way, you’re going to pay a crap load of money for a vehicle that is’nt worth the price and that’s going to screw you at the pump. I’m sorry but this “lazy little person” is’nt going to put up with that crap. I guess we all know what your next vehicle is going to be so good luck with it Mr. or Ms. Big Shot. Otherwise I guess I’ll see you on the sidewalk.

  18. It will cost like $20K after a year old. That is about $15K saved for gas for us lazy-little-people.

    I will pay the price for gas and cut spending everywhere else. Nothing is more valuable to me than a vehicle with a lot of space.

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