Ford Kuga starts production

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How about us.

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  1. Without this car, Ford USA simple cannot compete with the more recent batch of CUVs like the Nissan Rogue or the Forester. The boxy Escape is not the answer. You have to wonder how people who are so dense that they cannot see something as obvious as this have been bestowed with the power of running a multinational corporation

  2. That’s just an EDGE with a different front end. Do you really think Ford would design a whole other SUV for Europe?

  3. You think that is an edge w/ a different front end?! It’s a LOT smaller then the edge!

    I looked at the specs on this thing – 6.9lts / 100KM’s – that’s fantastic. Performance similar to the Edge/CRV.

    I guess Ford figures North Americans don’t want a good looking car that has decent performance w/ excellent fuel economy. Go figure.

    Ford, try doing a test here is Canada…bring them over to us..if they sell, bring them to the US – if not, lesson learned.

  4. I saw it on the highway, last week. In reality it looks much more massive and bigger than on the pics. Fits perfect into Fords european range.

  5. I like this alot. Actually isn’t the edge based upon mazda 6 platform cd3 and this is based on global C1?

  6. The Escape sells really well…One of Ford NA biggest sellers.

    This Kuga would probably sell well without too much damage to the Escape’s sales.

  7. The Escape and Edge work like yin and yang. People who feel ripped off by the Edge will buy an Escape, and those who think the Escape is to cheap and chinsey will get an Edge.

    Cleaver, but wasteful planning.

  8. It is like a more manly CR-V…And a less goofy-looking RAV4.

    It will probably come here within a few years…Ford is going to global platforms now.

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