Ford Kuga

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Another really good looking Ford.
But this is one we won’t get. it will battle the VW Tiguan , Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4 in Europe, but not here.

I guess they think the 1983 looking Escape is good enough for the US.

The Kuga is based on the more modern Euro Focus/ Mazda4/Volvo S40 platform.

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  1. Will the Kuga and the XC60 be related at all? This is a great looking car and is pretty reminiscent of the XC60 sketches and prototypes, especially in the front end.

  2. Strange company, I think that getting into the black is in the far far far distant future. They just can’t seem to get it together in the USA, their largest market. Ford europe actually was one of the few that gained market share.

  3. It will be coming to the US in 2010 or 2011 MY. It will have a 2.0L ecoboost. The new Fiesta will come here then as well.

  4. I have owned more Fords than anything else (and despite popular delusion their quality is fine). Nonetheless, I am tired of Ford N.A. only offering dated garbage here, and unless I regress and buy a Fiesta, I won’t even consider Fords in the next go-around. Ford, it’s pretty easy to lose longstanding customers when you build what we want but refuse to sell it to us and others have products that are better than what you want to sell. Why that concept escapes you is beyond me.

  5. The Escape is pretty much a dead vehicle in Ford’s future US lineup.. it may sell well thanks to the Hybrid option, but its Mazda Tribute platform mate is barely supported by their marketing arm and not likely to return for the ’09 model year. My guess is the next-generation Escape will be this Kuga, albeit no sooner than 2011 based on Ford US’ typical foot-dragging.

  6. They have that and still sell the Escape to North Americans? No wonder Ford’s sales aren’t anything spectacular. I gather they still think the days of spoon feeling American made trash to the buying public is still the norm….no thanks….

  7. Hopefully the new leadership at Ford will wake up and smell the coffee. This small SUV or crossover looks absolutely fine. It would be a smashing hit if they sell it here, assuming that reliability, driving dynamics, and safety are above average. Who the heck is raising the bar at Ford? Anybody…?

  8. Why do you want them to smell coffee when they wake up? I don’t understand what that has to do with the Kuga.

  9. You would think there would be huge cost savings just to send the plans over here to build it in one of fords underutilized plants, which is all of them basically. With the exchange rate the way it is they certainly can’t import it.

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