Ford Transit Connect in the US

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They weren’t lying when they mentioned the small European work/delivery van would make it over here.
It will be powered by a 4 cylinder engine. But no diesel for us.

Now, how about that Mondeo….

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  1. Ah, Europe once again gets the small more fuel efficient vehicles? Someone please inform ford management that Europe is not the only place on the planet looking to conserve!

  2. Everything is so small in Europe…I hope we don’t catch the Euro-peon virus with heavy-tax gasoline.

  3. no…everything is just the right size in europe. think about it

    hooray for ford, maybe theyre getting smart

  4. This is a monster truck in Europe. Europeon minds are the smallest…Even the Chinese think bigger.

  5. As long as they market this right, it will do well. They should market towards small delivery company’s, wedding cake makers, record storage companies… promoting the fuel efficiency and claiming more boxes can fit in it than in a minivan, van, SUV…

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