GTR Sedan for Infiniti

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I think this is a genius idea.

Infiniti has never been successful at marketing their large luxury sedan against Lexus.
A car like this would provide them with their own sporty personality all the way up to their most expensive model.
Something different nobody else offers.

This is the car they need to put them on the map, especially in Europe where they start selling cars in a few months.
They need to ‘find their own voice” and this would do it. In a big way.

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  1. I love the idea too, but I think it should look like the G instead of GTR… that’s just me. I don’t think GTR when I see Infiniti, I see a classy and sporty Japanese automaker; not Nissan.

  2. A GTR, nissan or infiniti badge, who cars. both make great cars and the GTR could fit in either portfolio comfortably. A four door GTR, however, sounds mindblowingly awesome, Just infinitize it a tiny bit more than in the sketches and you have a class beating sports sedan

  3. The drawing makes the roofline look lower. My guess it will be same car with new plastic front & rear facia, wheels and some interior upgrades. Perhaps they will call Nissan a GT-R and Infiniti the Skyline…I want one!

  4. This thing is freakin’ awesome. Great idea. Are we looking at the future G-38? I think they should get rid of the black bumper in the front and design something a little classier looking for Infiniti, but it definetly gets the point across where this car gets its inspiration from. Make it room for 5 and put a hatch on it please. At least room for 5.

  5. Wht didn’t Nissan thought of it before?

    A 4-door sport sedan might even compete with the Maserati Quatroporte, Mercedes AMG, BMW Ms and may I dare Aston Martin (it sure share a passing resemblant with its front end).

    Go for it

  6. The Skyline GTR had a 4 door version before, I think is the R33 generation, but they dump the idea in the last generation, but it seems that it was not sold very well…….I am not living in Japan so I can’t say is it popular over there, but my place has lots of grey imports of Japanese Domestic market autos, not many people hear bought GTR sedan, but the coupe is much more popular

  7. Of course the Taurus X ends production in ’09… the Flex is coming out and will replace it. But what in the blue oval hell does that have to do with the GTR sedan??

    Absolutely awesome car. Hopefully they have the guts to build it (the GTR sedan, not the Taurus X… although it’s a decent car in its own right 🙂

  8. The G35 is also named Skyline because there is no Infiniti outside of American, Canadian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, South Korean and Taiwanese markets. In Japan and Europe the G35 IS a Nissan Skyline. Infiniti is just a brand name made to create a ‘luxury’ line. Just like there is no Acura in Japan or Europe. The RSX is a Honda Integra and the TSX is a Honda Accord in those markets.

  9. I think it makes total sense for Infiniti to remake the Q as a true Q-ship.. instead of chasing the Lexus LS and Mercedes S-class in pure size, they should leave the M as their largest car, and make the next Q a very performance-oriented sedan like the BMW M5 and Audi S4. And since the entire Infiniti lineup (G, M, EX and FX) are all based on the same FM platform as the Nissan GT-R and Z, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume that the next Q sedan would essentially be a (heavily reskinned) GT-R sedan.

  10. To make matters more confusing, they should slap it with the Q stick for good measure.What I’m confused about is that they call the G35 the Skyline outside of the US already.Perhaps this is the G-37 sedan of the future….I’m just completely confused. Why call the 2 door a nissan and the 4 door an infiniti? They should just call it a day and make a Super Premium Performance Brand Called “Infiniti Plus One” (Infiniti Symbol + 1). Makes the most sense logically and comically!I even made concept art for the logo:The Infiniti brand owns the rights to their own symbol, etc., etc. 2008.

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