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Here is what a reader sent me. (Our “old friend” Ricardo Head)
He just added the new RL grille to the TSX/Euro Accord body.

Don’t laugh. This is closer to the real thing that you might think.
Look at the second picture. It is super grainy but you can see the new grille . They covered it with black tape, but it’s there.

Let’s just hope it turns out to be a bit toned down on the TSX. And maybe more integrated into the design. Unlike the new RL….

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  1. Seeing how Acura hilariously fuc*** up the redesigned RL, they better not screw this up. If the grille is body color …. it *might* be ok … but if this thing has a high contrast silver color … Acura’s f**cked. The unimous hatred across the internet that the RL has recieved is almost comical at this point. Everyone hates it. I don’t know if that grille is going to be much better on the TSX.

  2. Holy cow, I was joking when I did the picture, but from that link above it looks like it’s really going to happen. Body-color or silver, I don’t think that’s going to look all that good up front, and the rest of it just looks like a standard, albeit older, Accord. Generic Honda + ugly snoot does not a luxury car make.

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