Holden Commodore Coupe concept

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The Commodore is our Pontiac G8.
And this coupe looks pretty close to a production model. Save the ugly and tacky black skirts.

So there is a chance we might get this, if it ever reach production, as a G8 coupe.

Or should I dare say “Firebird”???

On a related note, I will be driving the G8 tomorrow. So far I heard (from talking to people who have driven it yesterday) that it is quite a car. V6 or V8.
The “Pontiac Guy” told me that even with all the options, the V8 will still be under $33 000. But apparently, that does not include a proper navigation sysem, but the onstar turn to turn system. That some people actually prefer to a regular navigation.

I’ll be checking everything out….

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  1. So whats the big deal and Dollar about GPS sytems unless you deliver pizza for a living? I can drive anywhere in USA just reading signs. If you have no sense of direction you can buy a Garmin for $200. that can do it all so why pay $1k to $2k ?

  2. Maybe you’d like it as a GTO? I think if this ever made production we wouldn’t see the Monaro name again. Its really an old name for an old car. This would probably get SL/E or something like that. It looks more luxo less sports.

  3. I agree with the first post. A nav system is a waste of cash, although it may be a sales point. I have probably driven about 1 million kilometers in my life and been kind of lost maybe only 4 times because I know how to read a map. If I had paid for a nav system in every car (if they had them then), at today’s prices it would have been about $15k out of pocket, which comes to $4k per incidence of being lost, which is a stupid expense. 99% of people’s time behind the wheel is spent driving to work, a grocery, visiting friends and family. How lost do you get doing that? I see people every day on the road using their nav system to get to the office. How stupid are people that they forget how to get to work or back home each day?

  4. “If you have no sense of direction you can buy a Garmin for $200”

    The $200 is true. It has nothing to do with sense of direction.

    These things are great in rural areas and dirt roads. Let’s say you know you are within 2-3 miles of you destination and you have to make a left turn. There’s 5 of them in the next mile. Only 1 gets you there, 3 are dead ends, and 1 actually turns you the wrong way after a couple of minutes of taking it. Which one do you take?


    You get tied up on the interstate because of an accident and your only out is the next exit ramp. With the GPS you can navigate your way to your destination.

  5. Speaking of GPS…I have to laugh every evening as I take the same route home and come upon hundreds and hundreds of commuters with their little stick-on GPS screens glowing in the dark. I mean are they afraid of getting lost on the way home?! What’s even funnier is this morning the driver in front of me wouldn’t make the right turn at the green light…she was studying a paper map AND had her GPS on the windshield! Personally if I had any onboard NavDevice the screen would be useless and the voice turn-by-turn system would be sufficient.

  6. That car looks great. I hope GM brings it here as Pontiac. Not everyone wants to drive 4-door cars.

  7. I can see them calling this thing the G7….but only if the G8 sells. Navigation isn’t all about finding directions…say if you’re out somewhere and you want to go to a certain place to eat all of a sudden? It’s still not for me though, I usually plan things ahead of time or just go with whats around me. I like google maps and mapquest.

  8. Holden won’t build it. Sales of the big rear drive cars in Australia are falling fast. It is just a show car to have something to get attention next to the intro of the new Falcon.

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