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Seems like Jaguar has a few cars planned for the future.
Besides the obvious all new XJ, they are thinking of a 2 door version of the new XF, and a 4 door version of the XK coupe.
Which seems pretty weird.
But I guess it would compete against the new Porsche Panamera 4 door.
So why not…

If it looks like the one on this picture, it would be a good looking car.
I guess the 4 door coupe craze is sweeping the automotive world…

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  1. Wow…..unexpected, but Nice! If I was actually interested in Jaguar, I’d heavily consider this….I just don’t like the design of the XF and the XJ

  2. This is a good idea seeing the 4 door coupe (sik) craze lately, but unfortunatly it would be way overpriced just like both current xk cars are. I myself would rather have the Rapide !

  3. They look different enough to make it worthwhile. Still strange why Ford is dumping them when they seem to be turning around? Just strange.

  4. um, nice looking, i guess, but seems totally irrelevant considering the XF’s fastback roof and size similarity. i have my doubts as to whether this is genuinely being considered by jaguar. don’t they have enough to think about? how about wagon versions of the XF and the new XJ? what about a stylish, luxurious small sporty car? or even a small CUV?

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