Japanese Accord interior

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Same as the Euro Accord and our STX.

This looks like some sort of a sport model. Or some after market pedals at least.
I think the whole thing looks really nice.
Pretty aggressive and original.
We’ll have to see how much wood they ad for the US market….

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  1. i am still baffled that we must contend with the oversized accord in the states. this car should have been the next accord. with this model being upsized a little, it’s only a few inches shorter than the last u.s. accord with the same interior space. i cant afford the $28K acura

    by the way, this is a stock interior of the honda accord euro R (jdm). it just looks that good. what you see in aluminum will be replaced with wood (apparently it will be the real kind this time around)

  2. Writer 5:40pm- many of the cars in Japan(JDM)
    are a lot more fancier both inside and out with a lot of
    cool interesting gadgets. For example, you can get a Honda Crossroads which has several different camera on the outside of the car which the more upscale E 35x offers as an option.

  3. Why does everyone love this but hate the new accord’s interior? Look closely and it is essentially the same.. just some extra trim bits and a slight re-arrangement of buttons. Gah.

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