Mercedes CLC video

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Now we can see the whole thing.

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  1. The taillights look like they raided Chrysler’s newer Sebring parts bin and just tweeked them a bit. The previous model drove like a sub-standard eco-car. Looking at the design of this one, doesn’t look liked they changed much at all other than the front clip and taillights. NOT impressed at all.

    – Kern

  2. i like the taillights. the sebring’s are horrible!

    too bad the interior isn’t really changed. mercedes is SO pulling a Ford on this model! haha.

    how will this compare to the Volvo C30 and Audi A3? Or even a Mini or VW GTI (besides being more expensive for being a Mercedes)?

  3. as an owner of a 2007 328xi Sportswagen, i couldn’t agree with the first commenter more. merc needs another wagon in its lineup, not a tall ugly one like the glk

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