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Now available in 2 body styles. the regular Mini and the Clubman wagon.
And they are also now squeezing 211hp out of the small 1.6 Liter Peugeot/BMW engine. Pretty amazing.

The Mini is cool no matter what. Even more so now. The more versions the better.

It’s just too bad you have to deal with the horrible Mini dealership buying experience.
A friend of mine was looking at maybe getting a new Clubman. But the Universal City dealer charges so much over sticker it made me sick. They seem to assume that if you want a Mini, you’ll just bend over and take it.
It’s about time people refuse to [ay over sticker for a car….

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  1. Mini dealers? What Mini dealers? In addition to assuming that everyone who comes through the door will way overpay for the cars, they also assume they’ll drive at least 100 miles to get to a dealer. I live in Michigan, and there is just 1 dealer for the entire state. Which is the case for many states. They are very cool cars, but they are not at all easy to track down, purchase, or service. I would love to have one, but will never own one for that reason alone.

  2. The Mini is already grossly overpriced so I say anyone who pays sticker “bent way over” just to be cool.There is way lots more performance and econmy in substancial size cars for way less then a Mini. 5 star safty become 1 star when a pickup truck or SUV hits and grabs those stars just like on Super Matio games.

  3. As with any car in such high demand as the MINI, you’re stuck paying sticker price to get one. There are dealers who charge a premium for the car but that’s not the norm. California dealers are known for trying to pull that. The two dealers I considered both sold for sticker (Philadelphia and Washington). I know Arizona dealers weren’t charging the premium either.

    The dealer network is growing but it does leave a lot to be desired. It is odd that a state the size of Michigan only has a dealer in Detroit.

    I wouldn’t trade my MINI for anything else. For the quality and reliability I have enjoyed, it was easily worth the $25k sticker price. It’s the most solidly-built car I’ve owned … and I’ve owned many, including a Lincoln Town Car.

    Oh, and I didn’t buy it to be cool.

    Vince – Take the time to find a dealer that doesn’t charge the premium and take a test drive. You won’t be sorry!

  4. You would have to buy it just because of the image, but, hey people pay through the nose all the time for image. At some point they will stop being “cool” and the competition will be “cooler”

  5. Ha. I’m getting a new car soon and am just starting to test drive cars. Mini was top of my list. I went to Universal Mini on Sat. where I was told that if I wasn’t prepared to buy the car that day, I couldn’t test drive it! I remember them being that horrible a few years ago when I was looking to buy one then too.

    For what it’s worth, went to Bob Smith BMW/Mini and they were great, though insistent about their $3k markup. Unfortunately, with the markup, it makes the price too close to much better cars. I’m gonna end up buying the Accord Coupe V-6 with a manual. Test drove that right after the Mini. Outstanding power, BMW-esque steering, and best of all, they STARTED negotiations at MSRP! The Mini handles a bit better, but I’ll spend the extra $2k and get something that’s roomier, more luxurious and STILL a blast to drive.

    – Joakester

  6. Sadly, it seems these last few years have seen theft, deception and extortion become part of the everyday American business model.

  7. who wants to pay full price for these they are both crap the e are way too small for americans our roads are much bigger than in europe this is no good for us no one will buy this

  8. In the midwest they will give you a whopping $500 off msrp to “earn” your business. The dealers are extremely snotty, you must really like these thing to put up with the bs.

  9. They are overpriced even without dealer’s markup. I went in and priced a moderately-optioned Clubman and it came out around $30k!

    That is alot of dough and lots of competition in that price range.

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