Mitsubishi Lancer Hatchback

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A better look thanks to official pics.
Still a heavy butt….

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  1. I dont know why everyone is dogging this, I like it alot, “it is what it is” a 5 door hatch and not a mazda 3 or subie wanna be, alot of us out there like hatches but dont wanna look like there driving a station wagon, this is different and people are afraid of change ! This thing has alot of room for storage and it aint a momma mobile wagon !

  2. I don’t like anything rear of the rear doors…they could have shaped it differently to make it more spaciaous and utilitarian in the cargo area…otherwise it has less space then my intrepid in front of the rear window (not counting trunk space)

  3. they should “lance ” this boyle of a car and then burn it. Save the embarassment of failure, Hey where are their engineers graduating from????? China , Korea, or bangladesh?

  4. The previous Sportback was better in execution than this….but I guess they feel they have to steal some Mazda 3/Subaru WRX sales….

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