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That interior is pretty amazing. at least from the picture.
Compare this to out Taurus/Five Hundred. And weep….

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  1. I have no idea why US spec vehicles are so horrid
    compared to their European/Aussie cousins.
    What the hell is wrong with our design team?

    On the other hand, I do see a little Pontiac Gran Am
    form the 1/4 front fender and hoof area.

  2. Yes, but compare prices and this will cost a good bit more than a Taurus. Take a good look, as this will likely be the last new Falcon and it probably will run only a few years. Sales of cars like this in Australia are dropping drastically, due to fuel prices.

  3. Ford stockholders are the ones who should be weeping! What an amazing competitor this would be to the new G8 from Pontiac. Why can’t Ford seem to get their act together the way that GM has?

  4. This looks great and all, but where is the cheesy green digital display on the cheap flat black radiohead and the weak green instruments with the bright red orange pointers……..oh wait…that will all be on the American version…..if we get this car at all, which I doubt we will. All joking aside though, this is a really nice looking car though. Good job Ford….of Austrailia.

  5. This car is ok everyone makes these european & aussie Fords and GM’s to be the best cars ever.This will be a nice ford or Mercury over here but will never make a good Lincoln.Get this through yall thick little skulls.

  6. To anonymous 2/17/08 1:07 pm,

    You might want to work on your grammer and punctuation there Mr. Brain Surgeon.

  7. Australia’s Holdens and Fords and when we had them our Valiants really crapped all over your American cars for quality and ability. I see nothing has changed. You really should have taken our Falcons instead of thinking you could do it yourselves. Look what you came up with! Maverick, Fairmont, LTD 2, 3 or 7 or whatever the hell it was. Need I say more? Just Google “Ford Falcon” and those ones you don’t recognize but think “Wow!” They’re ours.

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