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Still looking really good.

With the XC90 starting at $36 300, let’s hope this doesn’t start too much past $30 000.

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  1. The XC60 not as radical as the concept but yet it stays true to form. The presence of the XC60 means the XC90 HAS to move upscale, which could be a good move for Volvo. The premium SUV market is getting crowded but this is a formidable competitor. Especially against the the Mercedes GLK, BMW X3, Lexus RX, upcoming Infiniti FX37 and Acura MDX. The only true competitors of this car would be the upcoming Cadillac BRX and its Saab variant, and the Audi Q5.

    I say kudos to Volvo on this one, on a scale from 1 to 10….they get a 8!

  2. nice looking but boring. concept was much better even if this production car is closer to Volvo DNA

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