new 2009 Nissan Z

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The Z will have a new skin and a new engine at the 2008 Los Angeles auto Show in November.
The engine will be new for the Z, but it is the 3.7 Liter already in use in the Infiniti G Coupe.

Insiders say the design, although all new, will be an evolution of the current one. Pretty much , I guess, like the Altima, or the 2009 Murano.
So this illustration could turn out to be pretty close to the real thing….

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  1. Why can’t they simply call it the Z. I guess some guys will want to be able to convey that thier 370Z is bigger than last years 350Z. To counter the increase in engine size (for those that are compensating), I read on a different forum that the overall length of the new car will be four inches shorter than the current car. Adjust for that you compensators.

  2. Bag, this is made out of metal and steal.
    The Vette is made out of crack-able materials
    like the toy car you drive your mom to work.

    Nissan wanted to name this the Z but BMW already
    has a Z class.

  3. I have owned 2 250z cars.A coupe and a roadster. Bargain sports car that costs $10k to $20k less then a VETTE, EVO, STI, Audi TT or many others. I want the GTR next if they don’t overload the sticker price. Then I’ll get the M3 instead.

  4. Fabulous, absolutely Fabulous….sexy, svelte, strong, sassy, son of a Bee Autch, Nissan is on Top !

  5. That looks pretty cool even in that color.I kind of see the late 1980’s 300zx influence where the hood slopes down a bit.

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