New Audi A4 Wagon (Avant)

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Well, no surprises here.
The new A4 looks like a (slightly) smaller A6. So the wagon version looks like… The A6 wagon.

What makes the new A4 special to me is the great interior. That’s were they shine compare to the C class and the 3 series.
But, in the US, avoid the 2.0 Liter CVT combo at all cost. Unless they vastly improved it from the previous generation.

When I drove it last year, I found it to be one assy drivetrain.

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  1. Not such a great interior anymore. Sure it looks great in pictures, Audi is famous for great photo-perceived quality. But if you sit in one you will notice several key differences for BMW and Merc: the rubber in the doors is clearly inferior, the door hinges look very poor compared to the C-class, the plastics in the lower part of the dash are hard while in the 3-series those parts are made of material almost as good as the top, the buttons near the idrive-like controller are very plasticky, compared to the rubber-like feeling in the Merc or the BMW, and of course, much of the bits you don’t see are common with much cheaper Skodas, Seat and VW.

    There is a clear difference between real quality and perceived quality when you start looking at details.

  2. I heard Audi is’nt going to sell this here in the USA. Anyone know if that’s true? This is nice though….I like it.

    I hate assy drivetrains!

  3. Once again, another elegant yet understated design from Audi, both inside and out. Bravo! Leave the cartoonish designs to the competition.

  4. exterior: EH. too much of a warmed-over version of the previous generation.

    interior: nice. even though it may not look as rich as the bmw in person, the overall design (not materials quality) appeals to me more than either the bmw or the cheap-o-looking interior of the new c-class.

  5. I think this is a really smart looking wagon. Sign me up for an S4. The interior design appears to be very good, if not groundbreaking. Much better than the somewhat amateurish design of current BMWs. In spite of some opinions here, Audi interior materials, design and ergonomics are unquestionably the benchmark in the industry for mass produced vehicles. The images here reflect Audi’s attention to detail and use of good materials. So unless these pictures are misleading, I’m sure it’s a very nice environment to be in.

  6. the design works better on the smaller car because the a6 looks really bloated. but nice integration of the grille, i am happy to see there is now clear distinction between bmw, audi, and mercedes.

    about the interiors: i own a 328xi Wagon so i know what i’m talking about here. the quality of all the plastics are outstanding. the only problem is that sometimes if you knock on certain plastics (like the kind surrounding the steering column), it sounds hollow. the interior on the benz i sat in at my local auto show felt more solid but looked more cheap. this new audi should strike a balance but probably wont hold up as well (i own an ’04 vw golf and it already rattles a little)

  7. What does the BAG know except ugly American cars
    that were designed for your grandpa.
    I agree with Burlapp since he is not contrary
    like that other character.

  8. What amazes me about the German dashes is how vertical they are. It seems like the Japanese (and Korean) dashes wrap around the occupants. This is especially the case in the sporty models. I am not saying one design is better than another, it just seems like a cultural design language speaking through separate manufacturers. Look at the BMW dashes to definately see what I am talking about.

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