New baby Alfa pictures

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Not sure if this is real or not. But it looks good.

And this might be too small to make it into the US when (or if..) Alfa finally cedides to come back over here.

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  1. Burlapp, “Too Small”???
    What about the stupid fart Smart and Mini?
    And how about the Fiat 500?
    Alfa will make a very big mistake if they don’t
    take the necessary steps to bring this here on time!!!

  2. Looks bigger than a yaris and 1000 times better, I need a 40 mpg car but hate the looks of all of them ! the Fit is just ok, the yaris gets uglier everyday, the versa is a dork, the smart is a clown car, the aveo is a joke. But i want sexy and some hot mpg, and thie first manufacture that figures that out is gonna make alot of money, cause i know im not alone in wanting sexy mpg…..

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