New Jaguar commercial

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Obviously trying to get the younger crowd.
Who can afford $50 000….

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  1. Obviously trying to get the younger crowd.
    Who can afford $50 000….

    Hopefully a new tax base under a real American president instead of the current corporate shill.

  2. Ford made quite a good Jaguar and a handsome one at that. They had to rely on cheap lease deals to sell them and the resale was …well..less then stellar. Truth is Jag aficianados are thrifty folks and don’t flip them for the nest new model like other luxury brands. The customers are quite over mature and leaving the market in droves.Can’t keep the volume going or the profits….SO TA TA for now Jag. India has entered the world car market with quite a nice ride. Now they need some customers
    I plan on buying a $79k 2005 XJS R type used with over 400HP!, they now sell for around $25K….

  3. This model reminds me of the prequels to the latest Star Was movies. The new films has advance film sequences with flying spaceships and creatures moving around at different angles and speeds, but it lacked the craft and discipline that went making a film more genuine like the originals.
    Star Wars films need to be Star Wars films and Jaguars need to be Jaguars even thought the new one seems interesting, it still looses it appeal.

  4. Gorgeous car, has used the new Altima as the styling benchmark, do a side by side and it’s 100% apparent.

  5. do you want a jag by FORD or an Infiniti by NISSAN ? that’s a no brainer and that’s why it will not sell in the long run.

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