New Lancia Delta

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These still look like illustrations, so I’m not 100% sure they are the real thing.
But it does look great.

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  1. If these are real, i am amazed! What a beautiful looking car. It is the hit-or-fail model for Lancia, so it must be a sucsess. Still: These pics look too perfect, to be real. Look at the details. I suspect, these are just cleverly made Photoshops.

  2. They are not illustrations (though they might have been a bit photoshopped to make them look better), these are the first official images of the production car. It’s the real thing all right. It will be presented at the Geneva Motorshow next month.

  3. It is widely known that Lancia was the first to introduce the “Murano” styled backend with their launch of the Lancia Ypsilon. And that was years BEFORE Nissan came up with that idea.

    The Murano arrived late in Europe and this back end is still assosiated with Lancia, not Nissan, over here.

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