New Lancia Delta

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Just when you thought Lancia was pretty much dead.
They come up with a great looking car that could change everything for them.

Still based on a Fiat, but with its own design and personality.
Maybe Fiat should advice Ford about what to do with Mercury….

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  1. Looks OK, I don’t think I would call it “great looking” though. Really nothing special about it.

  2. looks ok but won’t impact the market in Europe, Lancia dealers are not many and most don’t even remember the brand. Plus its too Fiat Bravo inside. A nice looker but nothing else

  3. Why all the hate? I agree with Vince, I think it looks really good; like a premium version of the equally great-looking Fiat Bravo. And I also agree this is a crucial, make-or-break car for Lancia. If this one is not the hit that Lancia needs, then I doubt there will be a long-term future for the brand.

  4. The most beautiful Lancia of recent times, unique and pure Italian. It has an air of sexiness to it and should help put Lancia back on the map. This looks better than many hatches on the road today.

  5. Well, in opposite to most of the comments here, I think it looks great. Front and back. Finally a car where the prototype and the final result match. To me, this is no retro design but a very modern, agressive yet elegant. I have to admit: I really looks alot like the new Fiat Bravo from the inside. Whatever. This will be my next car. Period.

  6. fabulous interior, murano looks, stretched into a wagon, nice work, really and truly the italians have given the planet anything that is worthwhile, Art, Food, Music, cars too.

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