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When you think the new Corolla is too boring, you can ask these guys to transform it into what might be the most vulgar looking car on the road.
I am not sure how much this cost, but it is worth every penny.

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  1. But it’s funny that they’d turn to an old Cadillac for taillights and to an even older MG for a front end.

  2. I think this is about 1000 times cooler than the Bore-olla will ever be. Vince is right – it’s worth every cent.

  3. Wow. And here I thought there was no way the Corolla could actually seem like an appealing car. Next to this, it’s looking mighty fine!

  4. Well…. I guess I’ll be the lone voice here and say that I think it looks GOOD!! That’s right – GOOD. No – not ‘good’ as in ‘beautiful’. But ‘good’ as in unique and well put together and interesting. Far more interesting than a Corolla – that’s for sure. Craig

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