New VW Scirroco

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Yes, it is back.
But in Europe only. So far.
Engines should be similar to the ones on the Golf.

Not quite as modern as last year’s concept. But still better than the Golf/Rabbit.
Why can’t we get this???

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  1. Well it kinda reminds me alot of the C30, which has been a huge hit in Europe, but, in the USA the jury is still out. VW may just be waiting to see what happens?

  2. So why did they not have Pininfarina or Karmen design the styling? These ugly hatch styles are costing them millions in lost profit. It does not cost any more to produce a car that looks like a Ferrari then VW. You can sell lots more if they look like a real performance car. I guess they don’t want to cut in on the high profit Porsche Audi sales.

  3. sciroccos were always sexy and cool, this one is NOT , it looks like a rabbit, yuk! a Nissan versa is sexier.

  4. It doesn’t really look like a VW. I see some Mitsubishi in the front and a bit of the prior Honda hatch in the side profile. I hope they bring it over here although it would take sales away from the GTI.

  5. The backlight looks like they came off a Cx-9, while
    the hatch door looks like it came off the Saturn Astara.

  6. darren sounds like the typical american. These “ugly hatch styles” make millions not lose them. When you are in Europe it seems at least 75% of the vehicles on the road are some sort of hatch 2 door, and 4. I would guess darren likes the great looks of the chrysler 300 or the dodge magnum, but because for the very poor quality and low sales numbers the magnum lost millions and is now discontinued.

  7. This is BS, this car should not be named Scirocco at all cause it is not a coupe, it seems like a direct competitor to the Volvo C30 or even BMW 1-Series 3-door. They ruined the IROC concept, if they had named this differently perhaps i could like it very much but a Scirocco coupe? Blahhh

  8. For some reason the front reminds me of the new Accord. I think they should have kept the front from the concept. This looks decent but not as hot as the concept. I’ll wait to see more pics.

  9. We can’t get it because VW understands the US market well enough to know that here in the US… this is NOT a hot car. It looks like a mildly worked-over Rabbit. Nothing like the awesome showcar that they had. Kudos to Dodge and Chevy for building production cars (Camaro and Challenger) that are true to the original concepts, and shame on VW for blowing it big time with this thing.

  10. Usually I get upset when the Europeans (including the European arms of FOrd and GM) leave the really hot stuff over the sea. In this case, I agree with VWoA in not wanting this car for the U.S. It’s not so much that it’s ugly…it’s just that it’s pointless. What does this bring to the table that the GTI doesn’t already? I agree it doesn’t especially look like a VW either. The rear reminds me of my old 1993 Civic hatchback (the one with the two piece tailgate). The biggest problem is with the rear. Unlike Volvo, which did a great job capturing the essence of the P1800 ES in the rear of the C30, this car does nothing to suggest Scirocco. The Scirocco was a wedgy FASTBACK – a term that we doesn’t really use much anymore. Fastbacks were lower and had a steeply raked C pillar, and could be either hatches as with the Scirocco/Corrado, or trunked, as with the 2nd generation Camaro. I guess this is lower, but it comes across more or less as a chopped Golf. I suppose VW didn’t want to go the retro route. If VW had not discontinued the Corrado (why did they rename it that anyway? Dumb) without a replacement it might have approached this new design over time. However with the long gap, there’s very little in the design language to tie it to the earlier model. What makes it a Scirocco? Not much. It needed angularity – surface tension. The CTS Coupe concept has more Scirocco/Corrado DNA in its greenhouse and roofline. The front of this is not ugly so much as it’s non-descript. It could be a Mitsubishi or a Honda, as suggested. Another BIG disapointment is inside. The seats and doors are great – no complaint there. However what’s with the EOS dashboard? The Scirocco and Corrado NEVER shared dashboards with lesser Golfs. The concept’s dash looked great, and was just about the only thing I liked about it (sorry, the concept’s front end looks too Mitsubishi for me). The concept reminded me of the 1st generation in spirit, much in the same way the Camaro concept does. GM was smart to keep the concept’s dash. I agree with VWoA – this would canabalize some (not many though) GTI sales. If given the choice, I would take the GTI over this any day. The performance should be identical, but the GTI is liklier to be far roomier and less expensive. I actually considered a Scirocco in 1984. I was 21 at the time, and would go to the dealer late at night at just stare at a dark grey Scirocco. I ended up buying a silver GTI, because at the time, that’s all I could afford. Fun to drive, but it couldn’t hold a candle to the Scirocco when it came to style. If I had a few more grand to spend at the time, it wouldn’t have been a question. My Dad had an ’81 Scirocco S – my influence – I’ve always loved them. The new one just is just a big disappointment. I hope they do better with the next generation.

  11. WoW, that 2010 Beetle looks hot! It’s the perfect thing to replace our boring retro fit. They still know how to bring old-to-new with the New Beetle. I wonder if they will just call it “Beetle” again, since it’s less retro (but still retains that basic shape with the windows). This made me forget the 1998 New Beetle my dad test drove that had the clutch stick to the floor….I’ll be keeping my eyes on this thing! I think I just found a new small car to love.

  12. I like it! Would buy it. I agree that it doesn’t warrant the name, but I just don’t like the looks of the GTI….

  13. 2010 VW “Beetle”…..This article says this car may be the reason why VW (might not) bring the Scirroco here,which could be a good thing, as one dealership said this car could be 25-27K…where as the “Beetle”(name) may end up being VW’s Scion division(see sketches provided on link).They are shooting for 3 door tC, Astra cars, it appears.That could be a good thing, if not overpriced, and done well.A clean diesel, like the -09 Jetta’s rumored 140HP/*235 torque(*available at 1,500 rpm) would be nice in this smaller-than -Jetta car….and good MPG..sporty , good mpg, 20K?Who knows?I’d just be glad to see one of these 3 door sporty hatches…for 18K-19K loaded up.Vince, hope ya don’t mind the link/story I posted.

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