New XLR in July???

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That’s what the Cadillac people are saying.
I don’t think the 2009 will be an all new car. We would have heard about that and seen some prototypes.

But it could be a revised ‘facelift” version. With a new front that resembles the more current Cadillac models like the new CTS or the Provoq concept.
And finally, that means the great looking XLK might get the interior it deserves.
I talked to one of Cadillac’s interior designer a few months ago who told me how great the upcoming interiors were going to be.
I can’t see a better place to show that off than the interior of a $80 000 car….

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  1. Hey Vince,
    continuous thanks for such a great blog.
    I’ve followed it since 2003.

    The XLR is sharp, but Cadillac didn’t make it impressive enough to compete strongly against luxury imports.

    The standard $80k XLR should have the current XLR-V engine and equipment along with an ultra luxury interior copied directly from Cadillac’s Sixteen concept.

    The $100k XLR-V should add the 620hp supercharged Corvette ZR1 engine paired up with an automatic.

    This may seem like overkill, but during the last 20 years Cadillac has lost much prestige and money.
    To regain prestige, Cadillac must go above and beyond what the competition is doing at the same price.

  2. The ‘old’ XLR looks cheap to compete with the Jag or the SL.

    The exterior won’t stand the test of time like the SL. The previous gen SL still looks great.

  3. Not very visually appealing, actually it looks kind 1990’s. Cadillac has been doing well lately too, this is not one of their best efforts.

  4. Ooooh, a Cimarron for the rich! If you can live without the trick folding hardtop, just buy a Corvette and save some cash. Caddy needed a SL competitor, and they settled for a warmed-over Vette to fill the void. For this kind of dough, you really should try harder, Cadillac, and buyers should expect more.

  5. With the demise of the beloved NorthStar V8, one wonders what the future of the XLR will be. I love this car! GM will either shoe-in a Corvette-derived V8, or be stupid and put in the (admittedly capable and zippy) V6. I doubt they will put a Z06-type or even ZR1 type V8… the Corvette is their baby, it was a miracle the defunct GTO got its engine.
    We’ll see, GM has been full of surprises lately, looks like they finally took their thumbs out of the @$$&$.
    They should have launched the V-16 Concept… if you want to be the top, you have to outrageous.

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