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Still just illustrations, but they do look great.
If ever sold here, it would compete with the GTI. With more personality.

But I won’t hold my breath….

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  1. Its looks like a BMW from the rear. However, the front end is hard to look at. That grill makes it look like it has one large prominent tooth.

  2. I actually like the grill. It somehow works on this car. Taillights remind me of a VW Eos (which isn’t a bad thing) and the headlamp design is a Solstice/Sky copy.

    I’d own one.

  3. thats just a speculative chop..and for those who mentioned the Subaru it’s the other way around: their designs where badly excecuted Alfa impressions

  4. just because it’s an alfa doesnt mean it will automatically have more personality than the gti. name another car that has plaid seats under 24 grand. but no, alfa designs are starting to look the same to me these days…

  5. Right and Volkswagen designs don’t look the same? Or Audi? Or BMW? Or Mercedes?….the list goes on….FYI this looks nothing like the old 147, 159, Brera/Spider, GT, 166….

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