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The current C3 is a nice looking small car .
And it seems, at least from this picture, that the next version will look both even more modern and upscale at the same time.
Citroen has been doing exactly what they are supposed to do for a few years. Designing really modern cars that stand out.
This is what Saab and Subaru should be doing as well.

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  1. I don´t spot much difference to the current C3 Pluriels front end. This design is too evolutionary for Citroen, compared to how their range developed currently IMO.

  2. I also think this is a minor face lift to the C3 Pluriel, which would be about time because the model is way over-due for a modernization, especially the motor choices are not up to the modern standards of fuel efficiency and / or limitation on emissions. No filter system available for the Diesel… bad, Citroen, bad!

  3. maybe all of those companies should just form an alliance

    we’ve seen how well french and japanese manufacturers work together. a little nissan/renault, anyone?

  4. this actually looks like a upscale front end of the citroen C3 PLURIEL , which already exists for a few this:

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