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I know this will be smaller than a Corolla, but it does already look much better than the Toyota.
A much more modern design.
The small Kias are already nice little cars. And at this price point, image isn’t that important.

Telling your friends you just bought a Corolla isn’t going to make you look like Steve McQueen either…

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  1. The Kia price with the Lexus looks!I’ve always wanted a Lexus IS, but too poor to afford one (i make only 40k a year down in LA). I’ll definitely get this Kia when it comes out!

  2. it looks relatively crisp and modern, but what i’m really wondering is….are they bringing a hatch to north america, like the current spectra? small sedans do nuttin’ for me, but a medium sized hatch is super-versatile and better looking (usually) to boot 🙂

  3. i say is 250 gosh people are loosing in styling like in the 1980s man not cool at all but its much nicer than the curent corrola just have to see if it matches its dependability

  4. It is an interesting turn for Kia.. finally something with a slightly sporty look, which was supposed to happen years ago when HyunKia merged! Not sure if that short stubby trunklid will be very useful/functional.. I miss the fastback Spectra and Elantra 5-doors!

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