Not just red.

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This looks good in pretty much any color.

Imagine, if only other models from Dodge could look that good.

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  1. So hot. I’ll take mine in black. But what about white? You know… like in that one movie about the point that was vanishing…. What was it called…

    If only the interior were as nice. I’m still gonna get one though. One day…

  2. I have fond memories of my neighbors’ Charger trying to start most mornings. With that annoying Chrysler-issue starter whining and struggling to turn over the engine, we would pass the time jiggling the pathetic, poorly assembled plastic console and other interior bits until the old beast could manage to finally deliver enough gasoline to give itself a rough idle. After ten minutes, we’d finally be on our way only to stall at the end of the driveway.

    Remind us why this POS is worth bringing back from the grave, much less paying $30-40 grand for it.

  3. While the exterior of the Challenger is amazing, the interior is far too sterile. A deal kill…The two main touch-points, the steering wheel and the shifter, are cheap parts bin items. Dodge/Chrysler needs to stop using this steering wheel completely. It’s very junky looking and the plastic inserts look and feel bad.The shift gate looks thin and pliable.The interior is purposeful, but it doesn’t reflect the kind of emotion, quality or energy that the exterior does. It sounds petty, but that’s what they need to do to get people out of their G37 coupes, A5, or 335 coupes. For 40 large, being crude isn’t okay anymore. It’s time for the musclecar to grow up.

  4. I’m in absolute and utter *lust* with this car! I’ve already started a Challenger fund… I will have one in 2009.

  5. this car is so ridiculously gorgeous that the could use a flat piece of plywood and a frisbee for the interior, and I’d still want it. God bless Dodge for actually having the guts to make this, and to keep the exterior so true to the original concept.

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