Opel Meriva concept

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The current Meriva is a cute little car from Opel.
This upcoming concept is supposed to give us an idea of what the next one will look like.
The Minivan style doors are actually a good idea. usually not seen os such a small car.

I wonder if this cool looking thing will ever be considered as a Saturn as well….

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  1. Since rumors started about the upcoming Ford B-Max (the replacement for the current Euro Fusion and competitor to Meriva)getting those doors all of a sudden Opel decides to do the same thing and prior to the Ford. Great looking concept but it does not look Opel at all but something you would see on a small Citroen

  2. I like it, but it sure is something that has to be seen.
    From the photo, though, the window shape is dynamic and harmonious and asymmetrical. The drop just past the B-pillar reprises the angle from the A-pillar, and allows a deeper rear greenhouse.
    This avoids the squashed look of a lot of the wedges out there, and gives a more open feeling to the back seat passengers.
    Look forward to seeing it.

  3. Nice Hyundai Genesis coupe b-pillar window shape ripoff.. this would make a really nice Kia Rondo!

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