Peugeot 308 SW

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Peugeot wagons pretty much all look nice and modern looking small wagon.
the same. But they also all look good.

It might be pretty common in European streets, but I can guarantee you it would get really noticed in US streets.
It looks much more futuristic than almost anything we can get over here. If you can even find a small wagon to buy that is.
I can only think of the sad looking Kia Rondo…

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  1. Personally I think this looks horrible. There’s a reason why these funky cars don’t make it over here.

  2. Not bad, can’t say that I would buy it if it were available. What is disturbing is how North American manufacturers think it is acceptable to shun wagons and replace them with CUV’s like the GMC Acadia or Ford Edge. Americans STILL don’t get it!

  3. Vince,

    Our tastes are definitely different. You see futuristic… I see truly Dorky. Chryslers color schemes have more variety than the interior on this car.

    Peugeot. Please stay in Europe.

  4. I am European and I find this car quite ugly, to be honest. They did a much better job with the previous generation. For better-looking European wagons and minivans in this segment, I would point you to the Seat Altea XL, the Renault Megane Grand Tour and Scenic, or the current Citroën C4 Picasso (not the hideous previous generation!). And I also think the current Kia Rondo really doesn’t look too bad.

  5. Since when were French cars beautiful? Interesting? Yes. Quirky? Yes. Strange? Yes. Beautiful? Not very often.

    But see below.

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