Pontiac G6 test drive coming up

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I am driving a G6 for a few days. So go ahead if you have any questions. Or stuff you want me to look for.

So far, it is pretty nice. For a car that not that many people seem to consider anymore….

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  1. Does the glove compartment feel like it is going to fall off?

    Lets see some pics of you driving it.

  2. What are your real world impressions versus the new ’08 Malibu, which you experienced not long ago and spoke highly of?

    Being a big GM person and owning a new ’08 Malibu, I know all about these vehicles and the general feeling that the G6 is the lowest of the Epsilons. All routed in the looks, interior, and overall feel ^ refinement. Not terrible, but not the best.

    But that said…I’ve never driven one, only the new Malibu and a last gen ’07. It will be interesting to hear your impressions and even comparisons to other platform mates.

  3. -I’ll check the glove compartment.
    -Not as nice as the new Malibu. You’re right
    -2.4 Liter 4 speed auto.

    Basically, this deserves a bit of an upgrade. Like the 6 speed auto the Malibu will soon get with the 2.4 Liter.

  4. The G6 is a POS. I had the GT model for a week on a business trip in California, interior quality was abysmal and the engine was coarse. I honestly could not find any high points in this vehicle other than the stereo.

    This was also rated really poorly by consumer reports too…

  5. I recently had a 3.5L G6 as a loaner car when my car was in the shop. I was pretty damned impressed with the drivetrain (thought it was the 3.6 until I checked under the hood). The G6 was quick, handled well and rode very nice. But oh that interior. Well built and well laid out, but dull as dishwater. I couldn’t fathom spending any more time in the G6 than I had to. That’s too bad.

  6. What trim level is the car? The low-grade 4-cylinder model that is typical to rental car fleets is, in my experience, dreadful, while the fully-optioned GT is an excellent car for the money. It’s a world of difference, so bear that in mind if you happen to be stuck with the lower trim level.

  7. “What kind of noise does it make when the wheels fall off?”

    Probably something like the Honda Civics with the bad o-rings on the wheel bearings which could leak and cause their wheels to fall off.

  8. It drives very nice, great handling and ride. Especially the GTP/GXP models however the interior does need an upgrade including some sound proofing. I’m sure the next one, if there is one, will address these. However the base 4 bange price is a steal.

  9. Does it sound loud like a vacuum cleaner when accelerating? My rental did. I did like the car though, felt really fun to drive though the power steering felt very artificial and light.

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