Pontiac G8 test drive coming up

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I will be driving the Pontiac G8 this Friday.
just want to let you know, so I can answer any questions you have.

I am actually much more interested in the base V6 version.
I think over 250hp is plenty for a normal sized car. I am curious to see how this compare to cars like a lop of the line Accord, Passat, Maxima etc…
The V8 makes the news, but the V6 is the one that will actually sell. With predictions (again) of a $4 a gallon, I don’t think the V8 will live for that long anyway. Or in very limited numbers.

I wasn’t too impressed by the interior quality of the car when I sat in a base model in Detroit, so I am really looking forward to the drive.

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  1. Gas mileage, gas mileage, gas mileage. To me that is the big question with this car. I really want this car, particularly with the V8 (I know you’re not testing the V8) but I can sort of figure things out for the V8 from what you come up with for the V6. Boy I wish the V6 had direct injection and the 6 speed auto. Oh well. I love this car but with oil being over $100 per barrel and gas prices expected to hit $4.00 per gallon, I gotta say, this car could’nt have come out at a worse time. I don’t think this car is going to sell well. Not because it is’nt a great car, but because of high gas prices. And I have a feeling there is’nt going to be a significant difference with gas mileage between the 2 engine types. I would REALLY love to see the V8 version have a 2 mode hybrid system. That would be AAWWSOOOOMME!!!! Thanks Vince.

  2. I am testing the V8 as well as the V6.
    It’s just that the V6 is actually the more important model.
    The 4 door muscle car doesn’t seem to have that much appeal when gas gets close to $4 a gallon.
    But I will be driving both versions.

  3. What radio does the base one have? All of the pics thus far have shown a nagagational screen. I am assuming that like usual, the screen will only come on the high end models. So will the cheaper ones have the new GM corperate radio or a foreign one common on Holdens?

  4. Finally a Pontiac with some substance. I agree the V-6 is the more important of the two models but i think it will be more than adequate to compete with its main rival the front drive Maxima.

  5. I will bring back plenty of pictures and also videos from the drive.
    So you’ll see everything.

    it might take a couple of days for the videos.It was 86 degrees today, and the beach seems mighty tempting this week-end….

  6. Vince- you have good pics, but you clearly aren’t an enthusiast- in fact, if you drive a car and don’t like it – that is usually a sign that real car guys should sign-up.
    keep up the pics, lose the commentary.

  7. Wow, I did’nt realize you were testing the V8 also. That’s gonna be one fun ride. I read in Car and Driver that with the V8, the cylinder cutoff is more noticable and the transmission a little “confused”.

    I’m looking forward to the videos, review, pics………and the commentary.

  8. While there’s nothing about the styling on this car that’s “bad” per se, there’s nothing that says, “Pontiac” besides the twin-port grille which is one of the lamest iterations of that theme since the imported LeMans! Perhaps aerodynamics and weight reign over pure style but GM will continue to struggle in spite of their better quality as long as their styling stays lame. The Caddy CTS proves that styling can still be exciting and distinctive yet absolutely functional at the same time. Get on board Pontiac or you’re gone!

  9. shait, this car looks nothing like an Accord. Also, the donor Commodore came out before the Accord

  10. shait one,

    A new Accord Copy!?!? Are you crazy?

    First off, these two have NOTHING in common except for their four doors.

    The G8 is a rear wheel drive car that handles A LOT better than the Accord.

    Did I mention it is longer and bigger on the inside?!?!

    Get your facts straight.

  11. It’s the V8 that will make the auto mags happy but it’s the V6 that the masses will buy. I like the looks a lot. The interior appears to be very straightforward, but not Audi quality. However nothing is as good as an Audi interior. I am glad it doesn’t scream “Pontiac.” Except for the disgusting fake hood vents, this car looks very smart and purposeful. Why can’t they just whack some holes in the hood so that the vents are real? Anyway, I can’t wait for the reviews to come in.

  12. I don’t get why people look to Audi for inspiration for interiors.

    Their layouts are horrible. All controls are BELOW the steering wheel which means you look down and off the road to say change the heat settings.

    Must be the materials…Lexus and Mercedes and BMW are the ones to look to.

  13. Vince you are doing exactly the right thing by concentrating on the V6. If people want to read reviews about the G8 GT with the V8 motor they can read: Edmunds, Motor Trend, Road & Track, Car and Driver, and on and on ad nauseum. If you did focus on the GT you would just be repeating what everyone else has said. Granted, the gas mileage of the V6 is not that much better than the V8 with the active cylinder management system but it is quite a bit more affordable in the long run. Some nice things to hear about would be, of course, interior quality, bluetooth connectivity vs. OnStar (if you can get them to comment) iPod integration. Also, a comparison with some of the higher end German cars would be interesting… I think this car is better than a Camry and probably would not be cross shopped with that. I am in the market for a new A4 or used A6 (V6) and would love to know if this car is worth the time to look at.

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