RAV4 testing.

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Testing, yes. But what????

I think they are testing the new base 2.7 Liter engine. But it could also be a diesel for the US.

What else????

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  1. maybe even a hybrid; ether way should be good.
    I like to see new 2.7L with 5 OR 6 SPEED MANUAL for change!! that should add to a nice mpg…

    Is this just a powertrain uptade before they do whole thing???

  2. Carl, what do you mean by Chick?
    If your talking about women, I see plenty of straight men drive these things.

    To the other reader, yea it would be nice to have no tire on the back, but I am not sure if Toyota is waiting for the newer deigned model.

  3. Sorry Carl, but my wife sell Toyota, and… 50% womens and 50% men buy the Rav4. And i’m very straight, and this summer when my Malibu Maxx lease come to end, I will trade it for a Rav4 Sport. And I stay a men.

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