Renault Koleos

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Caught in Russia (?!)
And not looking that great. Usually, Renault designs are pretty out there. This just looks like a CRV.

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  1. I am seeing a Saturn Vue/Hyundai Santa Fe thing happening in front. And thats not necessarily a good thing…the Vue’s front end is just….ugly!

  2. Yeah, I don’t see a CR-V at all. There are absolutely no styling cues on this vehicle that come from Honda’s product.

  3. To submodal: It wouldn’t be surprising that you saw similarities between this and a Rogue, since they are basically the same car! Renault owns Nissan, and all these CUVs have the same platform.
    To the rest: this is a Samsung QM5, a car that is already on sale (not really a spy shot then), and which is basically a Renault Koleos with a Subary Tribeca/Kia Borrego-like front end grafted on.
    I do agree with Vince that the styling is disappointingly unadventurous for a Renault. But after the abject failure of some of their recent experiments (Vel Satis, Avantime), I suppose you can’t blame them.

  4. it looks exactly like a crv vince, those morons are offended because they drive hondas and can’t imagine a french brand anywhere near their beloved honda. truth is, it’s a nissan rogue and it will eat up their mini-pacifica crv’s in a minute!

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