Renault Laguna coupe

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This still looks like an illustration to me.
But the real thing might be coming out real soon.
And looking much better than the rather awkward sedan.

I also hear production of the sedan has been scaled back. So it’s not a huge hit.

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  1. It was clear from the first pics that were released to the press that the new Laguna wouldn’t be a hit. They were so cautious and took so long to reveal it that you got the impression that even they were aware that they had a turkey in their hands. If you actually see it side by side with the previous generation, the new one actually looks older, at least from certain points. I don’t know what they were thinking. And if it has to compete with the spanking new Mondeo, then just forget about it. Fortunately the coupé does look attractive, but sales of coupé versions of non-premium sedans are always small in Europe. That’s why we don’t have an Accord coupé here.

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