Saab 9-1 Concept

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Just another teaser from Saab.
the concept is rumored to be very close to the production model of the upcoming small 9-1.
But from this picture, it looks so close to the Concept X from 2001.
The Concept X is still good looking. So let’s hope this swill be one modern looking Saab.
A small Saturn might also use the same platform later….

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  1. The 9-1x if priced nicely in the low $ 20k and assuming it is AWD due to it’s nomenclature, might be one of the best buys yet. If they charge too much and give you too little it will be another lost C30. People really want great values without any gimmicks.

  2. This is the concept x from 2001. A photoshopper put a sheet onto a picture of the concept x, and passed it off as a teaser for the 9-1.

  3. Long hood can be hot, just think of the that old Jag!

    I get your point, but this is not an old Jag. This car has a chin like Jay Leno and a nose like Barbra Streisand. Both successful in their own right, but neither pretty. The old Jag you’re referring to was both.

    And phallic on top of it all.

  4. It would be truly interesting and unexpected if SAAB decided to build their 9-1 compact off the Kappa platform instead of the Delta, and substitute AWD for the Delta’s FWD.. but I’m almost certain they won’t. So this is not an official 9-1 teaser, as the article claims.

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