Skoda Superb wagon

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That’s just an illustration, but it already looks much better than the sedan.

VW is planning a new sedan for the US market only. To better compete against the cheaper Japanese competition.
And there is a rumor floating around that is might be based on the ‘cheaper than Passat” Superb.
Let’s hope they design something specific for us.
The Superb looks like something that came out of the eastern block back in the 80’s.

That means they might stop selling us the Passat all together.
And how about improving the quality while they’re at it…

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  1. They could just name the Passat the Perturb because that’s what the purchaser will be 3 days later when their overpriced “people’s car” starts having problems and the dealers blame the owners.

  2. I love wagons, why SUV’s and CUV’s kill them in the US market I don’t know. They drive like cars, have lots of room and sometimes can really look good. This particular one is strange looking or maybe just kinda boring. BMW, Volvo and the new Mazda wagon are great looking!

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