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This is the production model of the super small car Toyota will be selling in Europe next year to compete with the Smart.
But it is said to seat 3.

It looks more like a regular car than the Smart. Which might not be what people want in that segment. The Smart looks like something from another planet. So to me this looks like a boring version of the Smart.

Very much a Toyota…

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  1. I’ve heard very good comments about this one. The Old Smart was more attractive to the public, the interiors of the new one are boring compared to the old one as well. This IQ could give a fresh look to the segment. I think it will sell well here in Europe.

  2. Vince, I actually think this looks far cooler than the Smart and this is the type of car that would tempt me to buy in the segment. The Smart looks like it’s trying way too hard to be cool and it simply isn’t ever going to be, whereas this iQ looks good, practical, and I wouldn’t feel ashamed to be in it (like all the hodads in Smarts). I hope Toyota brings it stateside.

  3. Yes, I hope Toyota would market this version over here … Maybe they are looking to see how the Smart is selling here.

    I wouldn’t mind getting the Aygo (sp?) right now.

  4. Boring? Are you sure you’re looking at the same car as I am? When Toyota showed the iQ concept a few months ago in Europe it got a great reaction.

    Make no mistake, people WILL buy this in Europe and this tiny car will make a lot of waves in the industry. It’s quite revolutionary in terms of how small and efficient it is.

  5. Yeah, I also think its cooler than the smart (less nerdy more ricer)
    But Vince did you catch that Forbes slideshow article where it mentioned that the Smart has a very ridiculous MSRP? space age style comes with one hell of a price.

    Something that will only be unique with this Toyota car (actually all Toyotas):
    1) sell it for 1/2 price of a Smart
    2) PROFIT!!!
    3) sell 14x more
    4) PROFIT!!!!!
    5) hybrid
    6) PROFIT!!!!
    7) Plug in hybrid
    8) PROFIT!!!
    9) TRD version
    10) LOSS!!!

  6. I would definitely consider this car for driving around downtown in. It would be great to park, and not as ‘trying too hard to be cool’ as the smart. Plus Toyota is much more reliable than Mercedes.

  7. Has the Smart (as a product line) been profitable yet? All that “cool design” and quirky (I am being polite) looks don’t seem to be helping it much. I am sure that the underpinnings of this car are derivative of a small car Toyota sells in Japan. That will make this car reliable and profitable when introduced.

  8. i can tell you right now that if anyone drives this isn beautilful modesto californi a they will be shot

  9. douchebag jones said…

    i can tell you right now that if anyone drives this isn beautilful modesto californi a they will be shot

    Is that how they do terrorism in Modesto? I hope the Feds will be knocking on your door, DBJones.

    And yes, Vince, this is a boring version of the revolutionary Smart. But Toyota does boring so well. This will probably be cheaper, more reliable, and more cheaply repaired than a Smart, though, with a dealership network the Smart can’t compete with.

    It’s an interesting idea just on its own merits alone.

  10. listen closely, you do what we say. I sell toyotas. we are very cocky people becuse we rule. It’s our way or the highway. We have a pool at our store on when the next North American factory will close or the next NA dealership goes bankrupt. we ;love it, we laugh about it,we really do and we could not care less as long as we sell a ton to you! we are all getting rich, keep buying toyotas!

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