Toyota Urban Cruiser

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It looks like Europe is getting our Scion xD after all.
It’s pretty much the same exact car.
Although it looks like it will be marketed as a small SUV over there. I hope the raised look isn’t just for show. So it might actually come with AWD.
I wonder if AWD will come to our Scion later….

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  1. Why couldn’t they market that as a scion over here? It looks a million times better than the U.S version.

  2. I have to say the Rush doesn’t look bad either and it reminds me of the older RAV4; I think if Toyota had a car like the Urban Cruiser it would sell…I know they have the Yaris, but it’s like a smaller Camry…not really exciting.

  3. This definitely Looks Like a nicer larger vehicle versus the XD. And it would probably do well here in the u.s. but it would compete to close with the scion xd.

    And To the first anonymous posting. The “nigger” comment was a uncause for. Get a life!

  4. very toyota boring/ugly, the new nissan cube, unveiled next month in NY will dominate this market. Especially with toyota opening the door like this to anyone who wants to take over.

  5. well, the oddly popular xB/bB was actually riding on the coat tails of the original cube. I test drove the xD and it did feel more like an SUV, but it had a rougher ride than the RAV4 which I also tried. Another thing I didn’t like about the xD was the shnoz, with the iST nose looking miles better

  6. I sell toyotas for a living. we are cocky because we are big and you can’t stop us. You will buy a toyota. Toyota nation rocks!

  7. to “toy rules”.. hahaha.. is this why Toyota sales have been slipping and NOT gaining for the past couple of months? guess you don’t know how to read sales reports. Oh that’s right, youre a salesperson.. hahahaha.. You only know how to screw over customers, not actually be educated!

  8. JW, I finally agree with you The trim looks a lot more flushed and it would be a great idea to import this to our shores. I would also hope they they do something about the awkward dash since it looks kind of cheap.But I would welcome a sub-rav4 any time but don’t forget there is also the Toyota RUSH.

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