Volvo XC60

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Not sure, but this one still looks like an illustration.
We should see the real thing maybe as soon as this week anyway.

Looking really close to last year’s concept. Which I guess was just one of these production cars thinly disguised to pass for a concept.

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  1. Vince, if you can’t be sure this isn’t an illustration, then its time for you to either get your eyes checked, your head examined, or switch careers.

  2. It is this gonna be another SUV or Crossover that only gets 18 MPG? The Crossovers from what I saw at the Chicago Auto Show yesterday do NOT get much better MPS than SUVs… So what is the point ?

  3. They drive better since they are car based. I know the millage tend to suck, and volvo millage is no better in there bigger cars, CUVs and wagons

  4. This is most definitely still an illustration.. based on the spypics that have been surfacing, the production XC60 will be much more conservative and Volvo-like, particularly in profile.

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